Monday, 28 March 2011

I'm in Sydney bi-

Gross name, I apologise, open to suggestions.

Well, I have been in Sydney for exactly 7 weeks now. I really like it. It’s like Auckland on steroids. I told my roomies I’d write that simile on a blog and they thought it was lame. But seriously, it’s like Auckland with trip (triple) people. Update? Glad you asked. NIDA= Awesome, I’m totally the worst in the class which is cool cause its means I’ll improve the most! I get really nervous and am often stoked when the day is done. Friends=Sweet as! Way friendly cool peeps. Except church, Hillsong is awes, but sometimes I have zero % conversation. I should change this. Jobs= Worked a week at a café but was too bored and scared so I quit. Working in a linen shop at the present and holy sheet I am so bored. But, I now have some pillow talk, and there’s no customer so I get mattrest. (…like ‘much rest’…’mattress’..)  Zoo? IM A VOLUNTEER IN THE BIRD SHOW. I get free passes, come visit, I’ve got the sweet hook ups, linen+zoo=Best of Sidas! I’ve never heard anyone say ‘sidas’ except for Jade. It means Sydney.
Sad= I cried for the first time the other day. Mum rang me and I missed her and had zero dollars to buy food and was meeting up with people I didn’t know and just wanted my friendzels. LOL funny everyone laugh at the crying person. But seriously it was sad.
Thoughts= Many, but biggest thing is ‘WHY am I so selfish and WHY am I not showing LOVE?’ Yes, there is A LOT of crap in the world, but we all have the ability to change that. Why do I care more about saving my fifteen dollars to buy a dress when I could be giving it to a homeless HUMAN who has nothing? Why do I think someone else will end world hunger? Why do I think someone else will pick up the rubbish on the street? Why do I think someone else will solve everything? Why do I care more about wanting to not look weird than help a REAL person? When did I become so heartless? I NEED TO CHANGE. Being a Christian=Having God in me. God=Love. Why am I not over flowing with love? I can’t change everything, but I can change something even for one person! And I haven't even been trying for one. Why not?!
My new motto is- What can I do to make someone else’s day today?
It’s amazing what happens on the days when I do, they feel happy, I feel happy cause they do, God is happy. It’s freaky to do so, I’ve lost like 10kgs from sweaty palms and it is easier to not do anything, but so worth it even if ONE person smiles for one second. Another plus, is it takes your mind of yourself and whatever sucks in your life atm, and you realise, IT NOT ALL ABOUT ME.
Imagine what the world would be like, if everyone woke up and said ‘what can I do to make someone else’s day?’ Challenge accepted?
I really miss you all, and hokey pokey, and saying jandals, and L&P, and Moh, and Mairangi Bay Beach, and joyriding east coast road for Maccas- you know who you are! (Thats majority of my friends).
Anyways, miss you Auckland, if anyone from the Big N-Z reads this that is.. if not. I don't even care anyways... except that I do care. A little bit.

Lots of love and stuff,

Meg Kiwi-fo-life Roser.


  1. Who is Jordan Bond? Now THIS is a blog!

  2. Hey, that was cool! Aren't blogs awesome. Good on you Meg, sounds like you're ripping it up over there and sounds like you're heart is in the right place too.

  3. Meeeeeeeeg I LOVE IT!
    i miss you heaps and cant wait to read more blogs. see, your still like a inspirational leader even though your in Aussie.
    Love ya(:
    p.s: i made this just so i could write on here ;)

  4. Challenge ACCEPTED!!!

    Soo cool to hear about life in Auz Meg!! I got very excited when I found the link to a blog from MEG on your page :) I like Blogs! And I'm soo looking forward to more Megalicious Blogalicious's to come!! YAY

    Miss you so much Meg, not the same without you... it really isn't... LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! xxxx